Lawn FAQs

How are you using up to 80% less chemicals and controlling weeds?

The “Natural process” of BioNutritional lawn care has allowed Superior to eliminate over half of the normal herbicides we would normally need to use. They are no longer necessary due to healthy, dense turf with a living, thriving ecosystem in the soil. We are also able to reduce pre-emergent rate inputs simply because the Bio800+ intensifies the normal rates of the weed control products. The result is 78% to 82% (average 80%) less chemicals needed and better results than ever seen in the green industry! We are proud of our efforts and Superior lawns stand out against all others.

If you’re using less chemicals shouldn’t your Ecogreen BioNutritional Lawn Care program be cheaper than your competitors?

Actually it’s just the opposite. We have to pay a premium price for the advanced products we use. The cost for these eco-friendly products is much greater than the conventional products, but we have adjusted our pricing and also offer bundle discounts to be within the market prices in north Alabama. It is likely you won’t get the cheapest price from Superior, (usually within a few dollars…literally) but you definitely will get the most beautiful, thickest, greenest, healthiest lawn without contributing to the use or abuse of chemicals from “the others”

Are both your Superior Ecogreen BioNutritional Lawn Care and shrub care programs safe for my children and pets?

We are proud to say YES! Not only are they much safer than all other lawn and shrub treatment programs but they are also environmentally friendly as well. Our customers are happy to be a part of the contribution to our eco-friendly movement and reducing the carbon footprint on our planet!

Can you eliminate certain weeds my current provider doesn’t?

Absolutely! Our program includes all weeds at no additional charge!

How often should I water and mow my lawn?

We are proactive in all of our standards and you will be provided guidelines specific to your grass type regarding mowing, watering, how often, which heights are recommended, bagging, mulching etc. We will always provide guidance and how you can help your lawn look it’s best with each application.

How do I pay for my services with Superior?

For your convenience we offer every option available from prepay (with discounts) to online bill pay. You can also pay by check or bank draft. If you elect not to prepay, your “assigned specialist” will leave your invoice with every visit. This is also how they will communicate any specific things they feel you need you to know if you aren’t home during each service.

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